Committee Stipend Program Enrollment Form

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Please complete and submit this form.*

Questions about this form? Contact the City Clerk's Office at or 301-985-5009

*Members are eligible to receive $40 per meeting attended effective December 1, 2022. Youth members may elect to receive SSL hours instead of payment. Your decision to choose to receive payment, or not, will not be shared with other members.

Payments will be mailed semi annually in June and January. Approved meeting minutes submitted to will provide proof of attendance at meetings.

The City will consider all appointed members as participants in the stipend program. However, to complete enrollment you must fill out a W-9 form. Your enrollment will not be complete and you will not receive payment if the W-9 form is not submitted. Please note, a Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID is required by federal law to complete the form.
Please answer the following demographic questions. The City of Hyattsville is committed to appointing dedicated, diverse, individuals to these Committees to achieve membership with residents of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. Although these questions are not required for the completion of this enrollment form, it is useful for the city for the purpose of measuring outcomes. This information is for internal use only and the data is not shared publicly.
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