Camp Coach in Training Program

About the Program

The Camp Coach in Training (CCIT) program is an educational experience for youth interested in working with children in a day camp setting. This program helps individuals develop skills necessary to become a future leader at City Camps or other youth engagement job opportunities. 

Applications for the 2024 CCIT Program will open in early 2024.

There are two phases in the CCIT program: a pre-training course and hands-on experience. 

The pre-training course takes place in the seven weeks prior to summer camp and covers team and leadership skills, overview of camp coach responsibilities, camp and playground safety, and first aid certification. 

The hands-on experience takes place during the City's summer camp. CCIT participants will work alongside camp staff, lead camp activities, and develop critical skills for working with children.

Eligibility and Participation

This program is intended for youth ages 13-17. Applicants must be at least 14 years of age by the start of Hyattsville Summer Camp (June 26,2023) in order to participate . No exceptions will be granted

To participate, selected candidates must attend the seven week pre-training course on Mondays from 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm. In addition participants must attend the Hyattsville Summer Camp Orientation and Team Building Retreat with Camp Youth Coaches. 

Upon successful completion of the pre-training course, CCIT participants will support the City's Summer Camps. CCITs are held to high expectations of professionalism and expected to carry themselves as an employee of Hyattsville Summer Camp. 

Pre-Training Course 

Schedule for Summer 2023

Below is the pre-training schedule for all selected participants. This course will meet at the Hyattsville Teen Center (3911 Hamilton Street). Transportation to the center is available for those attending Northwestern High School and Nicholas Orem Middle School. Transportation will not be provided home.

Week 1:  (Monday, April 24) - Self exploration and Team-building

Week 2:  (Monday, May 1) - Leadership Part I

Week 3: (Monday, May 8) - Leadership Part II

Week 4: (Monday, May 15) - A Guide to Becoming a CCIT 

Week 5: (Monday, May 22) - Camp Safety

Week 6: (Tuesday, May 30) - Playground Safety 

Week 7: (Monday, June 5) -  First Aide Overview

In addition CCIT's are required to attend: Hyattsville Summer Camp Orientation and Team Building (June 21)

Hands-on Experience 

Summer Camp Sessions 2023

CCITs have an opportunity to receive approximately 100 community service learning hours by participating in the hands-on experience at the Hyattsville Summer Camp.

When applying applicants should indicate the sessions they plan to attend, in order of availability and/or preference. Each session is 1 week long, and participants are required to attend at least 2 weeks. There is a $50 fee per session, which covers cost of field trips/assemblies, pool visit, and some lunch meals. Financial assistance may be available upon request.

Session 1:  June 26 - 30

Session 2:  July 3 - 7

Session 3:  July 10 -14

Session 4:  July 17 - 21

Session 5:  July 24 - 28

Session 6:  July 31 -  August 4

Session 7:  August 7 - 11

Session 8:  August 14 -18

How to Apply

An application is required to be considered for the program. We recommend completing applications using RecDesk. A parent and/or guardian must create a family account and add the applicant as a family member. The applicant should complete the application online on their own.  

Registration for the Summer 2023 program ended on March 15, 2023.

For additional information please contact us at or 301-985-5000