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City of Hyattsville Free Tree Application

  1. You Point, We Plant!

    Complete the form below if you are a City of Hyattsville property owner interested in having a FREE native tree planted on your property! This includes homeowners, businesses, apartment complexes, churches, etc. (If you are not sure if you are a part of the incorporated city, verify your address at 

    A representative from Casey Trees will contact you to schedule an appointment to select a tree and identify the perfect planting location on your property. Appointments will take place starting in July 2023. Depending on weather and availability, trees will be planted this fall or the spring of 2024. (Some trees may need to be planted in the fall of 2024.) Planting will be on a first come first serve basis until supplies are exhausted.

  2. For questions, please contact Dawn Taft at 240-487-0290
  3. Please supply us with an email address in case we have any questions
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