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Public Parking Lot Permit Application

  1. Public Parking Lot Permit Requested (select one)
  2. Permit Lot/Type
  3. Hamilton Street (Lot 2) Monthly
  4. Farragut Street Lot (Lot 4) Monthly
  5. Jefferson Street (Lot 5) Monthly
  6. Special Events Parking
  7. Total Due
    Parking Permits
  8. I hereby affirm that the applicant is a current employee
  9. and is eligible to receive a City of Hyattsville monthly public parking lot permit.
  10. Checklist for Renewal Applications*
  11. If you prefer the option of submitting the application by mail or by email, please complete, print and submit the application, via email to or by mail to City of Hyattsville, 4310 Gallatin Street, 3rd Floor, Hyattsville, MD 20781. Please click the link below to download application.
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