I paid my citation, but I am still receiving notices.
Occasionally, the payment and notice cross in the mail or the payment is applied after a second notice has been generated and/or mailed.

• Citizens should allow for 3 to 5 days for processing to be completed for payments sent by mail. If the date mailed was within 3 to 5 days, advise the citizen to check back in a couple of days to see if received.

Reasons Why Check or Money Order may be delayed in posting:

• The citation and or tag number was not written on the check or money order.
• The remittance stub or copy of the citation was not sent along with their payment.
• Checks are not accepted for citations that have been flagged or sent to collections.

If you believe you have paid a citation please call the customer service desk with proof of payment at 1-855-325-8976. Proof of payment includes:

• Paid by check - Front and back copy of the canceled check.
• Paid by money order - Copy of the payee’s portion of the money order and or record of money order “trace”.
• Paid by credit card telephone or Internet: - The citizen must provide their personal confirmation number given by our system.
• Paid by cash at the previously mentioned location - The citizen must provide a copy of the cash register receipt.

Once proof of payment is received, the payment will be researched. Proof of payment along with an explanation of the problem, should be mailed to: City of Hyattsville Safe Speed Program, P.O. Box 1877 Hyattsville, MD 21203.

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