Are there any other options for payment?
Yes. You may pay by phone by calling 1-855-325-8976. You may also pay via the internet at Only credit cards may be used with these payment options. Visa/MasterCard Only

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1. What will happen if I do not pay?
2. Where do I go if I want to pay in person?
3. What methods of payment are acceptable at that location?
4. If driving, how do I find the payment office?
5. What is the procedure for mailing my citation payment?
6. Are there any other options for payment?
7. My check was returned. Do I owe any additional fees? Can I use another check for repayment?
8. How much time do I have to pay this citation?
9. Are partial payments accepted?
10. I paid my citation, but I am still receiving notices.
11. I believe I overpaid. What do I have to do to receive my refund?