Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection begins on the first Monday in November and ends in mid-January. There is no leaf collection on Veterans Day, nor during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Leaf collection is dependent on weather conditions as heavy, wet leaves can damage the machinery.

During the rest of the year, leaves can be placed curbside in paper yard waste bags on Monday mornings to be picked up with the regular yard waste and compost service.

  1. Public Works

    Main Line | 7 AM - 3:30 PM

Weekly Leaf Collection Days

Each City address is scheduled to receive weekly leaf collection, with the exception of commercial and multi-family properties. The route maps are below, or you can look up your day by your address

Basic Guidelines

Residents can assist the leaf collection crews and help to expedite the vacuum collection process by following these simple guidelines:

  • Please rake leaves by 7 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.
  • Where possible, rake leaves to the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb, not into the street.
  • Do not block sidewalks.
  • Keep the leaves free of tree limbs, branches, rocks, and all other debris. These items can damage equipment and cause injuries.
  • Where possible, rake leaves to a spot where the pile will not be blocked by parked cars. The leaf vacuum hose is not long enough to reach around cars.
  • Keep storm drains clear of leaves. A blocked storm drain can cause flooding on the roadway and run-off from decaying leaves harms our local waterways.
  • If you don’t get your leaves out for your leaf vacuum day, you can always bag your leaves in paper yard waste bags (no plastic bags) and put them out as yard waste.
  • You don't have to rake your leaves! Mowing fallen leaves into the grass creates a healthy, natural, and free lawn fertilizer.

Special Blocks

Our vacuum equipment cannot enter some blocks when cars are parked in the street. We ask that the following blocks of streets be free of cars on leaf collection days between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. If cars are parked in the street at these times, our staff will be unable to collect leaves, and will return the following week. Failure to follow the Emergency No Parking restrictions on leaf collection days may result in the issuance of parking citations.

  • 5800 block of 30th Avenue - odd side (Monday)
  • 3100 block of Rosemary Lane (Friday)

What Happens to the Leaves?

The City brings the leaves to a facility that processes them into mulch that is used for City landscaping projects and periodically made available at no charge to residents in our City's parks. You can receive announcements about mulch availability by signing up for City email or text notices.

Leaf It Alone!

You don't have to rake your leaves! Leaving your leaves in your yard is beneficial to plants and wildlife - not to mention your sore back! Mulching leaves or piling them in backyard compost bins can:

  • Provide winter shelter for the larvae of important pollinator insects like bees, moths, and butterflies
  • Create nutrient rich compost for your grass and plantings
  • Reduce harmful gases and noise pollution created by leaf blowers. (Learn more about the City's gas leaf blower ban!)

Find information about the benefits of leaf mulching in this guide created in partnership with the Neighborhood Design Center.

Like what you see? There's many more eco-friendly guides available on our Environment page!