Speed Cameras

The City has speed cameras located in various locations in order to promote safe driving.

Speed Camera System Program Administrator
The City of Hyattsville’s Speed Camera Program Administrator is Lieutenant Scott Ratty, Commander of the Administrative Services Division. As the Program Administrator, Lt. Ratty is responsible for the oversight of the contract for the Speed Camera Program. In accordance with state law, Lt. Ratty is required to undergo training, at a minimum, every two (2) years.

Speed Camera System Program Ombudsman
Mr. Antwoine Harvey, the department's Procedures, Programs, and Compliance Manager, serves as the City's Speed Program Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is responsible for investigating and responding to all questions or concerns regarding the City’s speed camera system. The Ombudsman has the authority to review, upon request from the individual who received the citation, citations that are believed to be erroneous. Examples of erroneous citations include, but are not limited to:

  • Citations containing images of registration plates that do not match the actual registration plate issued for the vehicle
  • Citations that show a stopped vehicle
  • Images displaying a incorrectly measured speed
  • Images displaying a measured speed that is below the allowable threshold
  • Images taken outside of the allowable hours and/or days, for speed systems in school zones (allowable time frame for school zones are Monday – Friday, 6am – 8pm)
  • Citations that were taken from speed systems with expired calibration certificates

Upon the determination that a citation is erroneous, the Ombudsman has the authority to void the citation. 

It is the responsibility for the Ombudsman to ensure that all requests for review are answered in a reasonable time frame. Any written requests must be replied to with a written response/answer. All written requests and responses to those requests are available for public inspect. 

The Ombudsman does not have any involvement in the review and/or issuance of the initial citation to keep an objective scope for all requests for review.

Speed Camera Locations
A list of locations where the camera units are deployed is below:

o 7000 block of Adelphi Road (Southbound) - 30 MPH Speed Limit
o 5700 block of Baltimore Avenue (Northbound) 25 MPH Speed Limit 
o 5700 block of Baltimore Avenue (Southbound) 25 MPH Speed Limit 

The law governing Speed Camera systems can be found here: § 21-809. Speed Monitoring Systems.

Contact Us

Lieutenant Scott Ratty

Program Administrator
Phone: (301) 985-5077


Mr. Antwoine Harvey

Program Ombudsman
Phone: (301) 985-5071