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Hyattsville Police Department Employment Opportunities

The Hyattsville Police Department is a nationally accredited agency (CALEA). We are actively recruiting individuals for the positions of police officer and police dispatcher.  Applicants must meet minimum qualifications and pass a complete background investigation to be considered.

The Hyattsville Police Department offers a competitive starting salary and excellent benefits for full-time employment. If you are considering a career in law enforcement, please visit the following page(s) for specific details on employment:

  1. Police Officer (Entry-Level & Lateral) - Signing Bonus Eligible (Link)

    • Sign On Bonuses
      • Entry Level - up to $10,000
      • Lateral - up to $15,000
    • Starting Salary 
      • Entry-Level
        • $64,537 - $67,805, Dependent on military service and graduation from academy
      • Lateral
        • $66,151 - $79,814, Dependent on years of service
    • Up to 10 years of service credit (lateral applicants)
    • Overtime pay at 1.5x
    • Holiday pay at 2.5x
    • 25-year state retirement system
    • Take home car program up to 50 air miles.
    • Bilingual and specialty pay.
    • Tuition reimbursement
    • 24-hour department with specialty units
      • K9, CID, Traffic, SAT, CAT, ERT, and more!
  2. Police Dispatcher (Public Safety Aide I) (Link)

    • Responsible for the operations of the Communications Center, the City of Hyattsville Police Department’s Public Safety Aides (PSAs) serve as the nerve center during all emergency and non-emergency incidents received by the department, acting as the lifeline between the community and its first responders.
  3. Training Coordinator (Link)

    • The Training Coordinator is responsible for the training and development of all department staff, both sworn and civilian, with the goal of maintaining the safety of our employees and community and achieving the success of our organization.
  4. Police Cadet (Link)

    • The Police Cadet performs administrative, clerical, technical, and other tasks supporting the functions, services, and operations of the Hyattsville Police Department while gaining insight and awareness into a law enforcement career; does related work as required.
  5. Public Information Officer (Link)

    • The Public Information Officer for the Hyattsville Police Department has on-call responsibility for disseminating public information during and in response to crises, emergencies, and other critical situations and responding to requests for information on behalf of the department.
  6. CIT Clinician/Behavioral Health Professional Full & Part Time (Link)

    • The Joint Crisis Response CIT Program is aimed at deescalating behavioral health crisis scenarios and reducing the incarceration of mentally ill individuals by linking them with treatment. This developing program is a collaboration with licensed clinicians/behavioral health professionals, officers, and a Behavioral Health Case Management Coordinator (BHCMC).
  7. Behavioral Health Case Management Coordinator (Link)

    • the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Behavioral Health Case Management Coordinator (BHCMC) will work with CIT-certified officers and CIT-dedicated mental health clinicians to assist individuals after police interactions involving behavioral health crises; trauma including domestic violence and sexual assault; and people with developmental disabilities who need safety support structures.

The City of Hyattsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, political or union affiliation.

Please note: The agency must contact all previous employers; however, at the applicant's request, the agency will delay contacting current employers until later in the process, and will notify the applicant before any current employer is contacted with regard to the applicant's work history and suitability for Police Department employment.

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