Alarm Registration

Program Information

The City of Hyattsville recently adopted a False Alarm Reduction Program, which includes the requirement that all monitored alarm systems installed on residential and non-residential properties within the City of Hyattsville be registered. To read the full ordinance, please view Hyattsville Ordinance 2004-11.


The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to properly use and maintain alarm systems and to reduce or eliminate false alarms. Systems that are set up as stand-alone fire alarms do not have to be registered.


The fee for registering an alarm site is $50. The alarm registration is to be renewed every two years. The cost for registration renewal is based on the number of false alarms that occur during that two-year period, ranging from $12.50 for no false alarms to $50 for more than two false alarms.


Please fill out a registration form and submit it with the $50 registration fee in the form of a check or money order. After the application is processed, the Police Department will contact you to make arrangements for an officer to bring you a copy of the ordinance and place the registration sticker in the appropriate location.

Please fill out the appropriate form to register your alarm: