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At the City's incorporation in 1886 a chief bailiff was appointed for the purposes of collecting taxes, making arrests, and serving process for violations of any ordinance of the corporation. The Department has evolved from a single bailiff into a modern day law enforcement agency that utilizes many technologies and has a rich tradition of community involvement. In 2002, the agency joined other area police departments in the County's first multi-jurisdictional, mutual aid agreement. The Department has been continuously and internationally accredited since 1999. 


The Hyattsville City Police Department works as a team to provide responsive, innovative, effective and efficient police services while creating partnerships to build public confidence, manage fear and control crime. Department members are committed to protecting life, property and City interest, improving the quality of life for all who live, work and visit the City, and satisfying community demands and maintaining legitimacy with those policed.

Administrative Division

This division answers emergency and non-emergency calls for service and communicates with officers in the field. In addition, this division also pursues grants, processes citations, and handles other administrative duties. 

Patrol Division

The City is protected by vehicular, foot, segway, and mountain-bike patrols 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Patrol officers respond to crimes in progress, traffic accidents, reports of suspicious activity, and requests for assistance. The officers conduct initial investigations of all crimes reported inside the City limits. The Patrol Division also includes the City's K-9 teams.

Community Action Team

This team establishes collaborative efforts between the police department and the community to identify and address problems of crime and disorder. The CAT also includes the City's school resource officer, who functions as a liaison between the Police Department and the schools.

Criminal Investigations Division

This division conducts follow-up investigations of reported crimes by interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses, analyzing information for validity, and compiling a case files to be presented in court.

Tactical Team

The Hard Entry And Tactics (HEAT) Team can aid in the apprehension of violent criminals and narcotics traffickers in the City.

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