Parking Fines & Paying Citations

Expired MeterThe payment has expired on for either meter or space number and a ticket has been issued.$25
Display of Expired TagsThe registration date posted on the license plate has expired.$100
Left to CurbParking a vehicle facing in the wrong direction.$35
Obey Off SignFailure to obey an official sign.$35
Restricted for HandicappedParking in a designated handicapped space without a valid permit.$250
Residential ParkingParking within a residential zone without a valid permit or visitors pass.$50
Yellow CurbParking a vehicle on-street adjacent to a yellow curb.$35
Restricted Parking HoursParking in a location during the posted restricted hours.$35
48-hour violationFailure to move a vehicle issued a 48 hour warning notice. Commonly issued, but not restricted solely to, vehicles parked on the street without registration or other parking violations such as expired tags or flat tires.$35
Parking in Fire Lane or blocking Fire HydrantParking a motor vehicle in either a fire lane or within 15’ of a fire hydrant.$35/$100

Note: All violations mentioned above could potentially be a towing violation.

Pay Parking Citations

The City of Hyattsville offers several ways to pay a parking ticket:

 OnlineTo pay citations online, click here.
To view a photo of your violation, click here
 TelephoneCall 1-833-385-0550 (will be staffed 24/7) (Credit card payments cannot be accepted via the phone)
 MailDO NOT SEND CASH.  Make your Check or Money Order payable to City of Hyattsville and write the Citation Number and your Vehicle License Number on your check or money order. Include your name and address on the envelope. Use a First Class stamp on the envelope and mail to:

City of Hyattsville
Citation Processing Center
PO Box 172,
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781

Please note - the City cannot accept payment for parking tickets at the City Building.

For additional information, please see Hyattsville's Charter & Code: Chapter 114 - Vehicles and Traffic.

  1. Gary Bullis

    Parking Compliance Supervisor
    Phone: (301) 985-5017; M - F 8AM - 4:30PM

  2. Parking Compliance Aide

    Phone: (301) 985-5027

  3. After Business Hours Contact

    Phone: (301) 985-5000