Employee of the Year

2020 Employee of the Year - Year of the Essential Worker and First Responder

The City of Hyattsville recognizes one staff member each year as its employee of the year and awards them the Seth Holton Award. Named after the City’s founding Clerk, the award commemorates his spirit and commitment to the Hyattsville community. This year, the City is proud to honor its essential workers and first responders as the 2020 Seth Holton Award recipients.

City essential staff and first responders shifted their day-to-day job functions in March 2020 as the COVID-19 coronavirus was declared an epidemic by multiple health agencies, causing many to work from home to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. 

And Departments quickly rose to action – Communications and Legislative Services transitioned in-person meetings to a virtual setting and disseminated critical information to the public. Community Services ensured uninterrupted services like online programming, a COVID-19 testing site, and food distributions that have provided over 10,000 meals to those in need. Teamwork also flourished as City leaders and the Economic Development Team created a $1M relief fund for residents and businesses. At the same time, the Finance Department helped manage the fund amid budget reductions and payroll of the City.

As the Departments mentioned above worked from home, public service workers like police officers, dispatch, and public works remained on-site for the Hyattsville community. By setting various safety policies in place, each Department was able to continue critical operations. Officers worked with dispatch to continue their patrolling and emergency. In contrast, public works upgraded safety equipment in public spaces across the City and ensured sanitation services continuity.

“I have never been so proud to lead and to learn from such an amazing group of men and women,” said City Administrator Tracey Douglas. “COVID-19, as tragic as it has been, has brought out the best in us. Staff rose to challenges and used these opportunities to support each other.”

Though the virus is not over, the City applauds its staff for the job they’ve done so far. Thank you, Hyattsville essential staff and first responders!