Sustainability & Protecting the Environment

Think globally and act locally! Hyattsville is proud to be a leader in sustainable City operations. Learn more about the many City programs and services promoting a more sustainable, healthy, and environmentally-friendly community for all.

Protecting trees and waterways

The City of Hyattsville has been recognized as a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation for over 30 years. To protect our urban forests and the Anacostia River watershed, the City has comprehensive tree care and stormwater management practices. 

Responsible waste management

Everything that we own and use has a lifecycle. Throwing things in the trash does not mean they disappear! Following the simple tenants of reduce, reuse and recycle helps keep materials out of landfills, where they can take decades to decompose and produce gases harmful to people and the planet.

  • Reduce & Reuse: Be thoughtful about every purchase! If you need something, could you get it used instead of purchasing something new and increasing the demand for new products? The City supports annual Yard Sale Days in the Spring and Fall to encourage neighbors to exchange gently used goods. Sign up for City notices for updates on Yard Sale Days or request a Yard Sale Permit to host your own. You can also donate your used items to one of many local re-use organizations in our area!
  • Recycle & Compost: Before putting household items in the garbage, see if they can be recycled or composted! Visit the City's waste management web pages for details on recycling and composting services. The City collects weekly recycling and compost, offers motor oil and antifreeze disposal at the DPW Operations Center, and hosts an annual electronics recycling day.
  • Not sure how to recycle something? Check out the list of suggestions at Earth911 to recycle everything from textiles to furniture.

Clean Energy

A transition towards renewable energy sources cuts down on harmful carbon emissions and saves money!

  • Solar power: The City has updated the lighting in several City parks and parking lots to solar powered units that use less energy. They are also "off the grid" allowing them to remain lit even if the power were to go out due to a storm or other emergency. 
  • Electric vehicle fleet: As new vehicles are added to the City's administration, Public Works, and Police fleets, every effort is made to secure electric or hybrid options. You can learn more about the HCPD's extensive electric vehicle fleet here.

Sustainable Living

Healthy humans are part of a healthy planet! Explore the various programs and downloadable guides the City has to support community health and wellness.

Environmental Volunteer Opportunities

Help Hyattsville go green! Visit our volunteer opportunities page for details about upcoming service days and community clean-ups. Want to go deeper? Consider applying to serve on the Hyattsville Environmental Committee or the Shade Tree Board!