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A Welcome Message Mayor Robert Croslin

Greetings! As your Mayor, it is my civic duty to serve the residents of this beautiful City in a manner that is equitable and inclusive for all. I've been a Hyattsville resident for over 32 years and have served on the City Council since 2013. I was elected Mayor in 2022 after filling the position on an interim basis after the passing of our late Mayor, Kevin Ward. 

I value listening and collaborating with others to speak for those who don't have a voice, and I consider myself a collaborative consensus-builder. I recognize the efforts and contributions of others who work with me and lead by empowering them and enhancing their actions. My experience over the years—with Council colleagues, talented and resourceful City staff, civic-minded members of the community, and generous volunteers—has allowed me to establish a deep appreciation for our wonderful City and its diverse, talented, caring, and fascinating residents.

Hyattsville has made leaps and strides to recover from the effects of COVID-19. As a community, we must continue to make every effort to move toward a healthy and sustainable "new normal." Residents have lost jobs, struggled to pay rent and childcare, and suffered from food insecurity and mental health challenges. Businesses have experienced a reduction in customers and have been forced to lay off staff. I believe our Council and City staff can devise creative ways to mitigate such problems.

I have been a consistent advocate for our youth and senior populations, and I care about supporting those in need in Hyattsville. I dedicate my efforts to maintaining our forward momentum without leaving anyone behind. Together, we can strengthen our community, build wealth, educate our youth, and plan for a secure future.

I look forward to continuing to serve you as we take on new challenges together. And if you're new here, I encourage you to learn all the ways in which Hyattsville is a world within a walking distance!