Kaiser Permanente Facility at West Hyattsville

Project Description

Kaiser Permanente has proposed a three-story medical office building totaling 44,362 square feet with an attached three-story garage. The medical office building proposed will include administrative offices, medical offices, a pharmacy, a coffee shop open to the public, and a small medical laboratory (containing less than 2,000 square feet). 

The subject property is located on the southwest side of Ager road, approximately 620 feet north of Hamilton Street and the entrance to the West Hyattsville Metro Station.

The proposed primary building entrance is mid-block along Ager Road and includes dual pedestrian approaches – one from the public walkways and another from the covered canopy within the structured parking garage. The building will have both direct frontage and direct vehicular access to Little Branch Drive to the north and Ager Road to the east. Both Ager Road and Little Branch Run will include sidewalks, street trees, and lighting. 

The M-NCPPC Prince George's County Planning Board approved the applicant's detailed site plan on May 21, 2020. The developer anticipates starting construction in January 2021, with the building being complete in June 2023 and open by August 2023.

The Kaiser Permanente Facility is part of the larger Riverfront at West Hyattsville project. Further details can be found here.

Meet the Developer - October 2020 Interview

Robert Gilbane, Jr., Vice President of Gilbane Development Company, talks with Hyattsville's Director of Community & Economic Development, Jim Chandler, about the Riverfront at West Hyattsville Metro project. The transit-oriented development includes townhomes and a new Kaiser Permanente medical office complex. Mr. Gilbane discusses the decisions behind locating the development in Hyattsville, current progress on the city, and the importance of community input in the planning process.

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