Economic Development Week

Economic Development Week
October 20 - 26, 2019 



Economic Development Week will emphasize to the general public the importance of economic development for the State of Maryland. The week is designed to increase an understanding of economic development’s contribution to the State’s business climate, job retention and growth, the tax base and the overall quality of life in Maryland.


Economic development will take center stage in counties, cities and towns throughout Maryland when proclamations are made heralding the significant projects that have made Maryland a great place to live, work and play. Recognizing the dedicated work of economic developers is a primary focus of the effort. Listed below are the activities planned during Economic Development Week (check back for weekly updates to this list).

City of Hyattsville

Economic Development Week for the City of Hyattsville is an exciting week! This week the City will recognize, engage, and promote economic development happening in the city. The Department of Community and Economic Development has put together a week of engaging action items which will not only promote sustainable business development but, will aim to engage potential businesses owners by promoting the many grant programs in place to sustain and develop existing and new businesses.

Coordination Meeting