3599 East West Highway

Project Description 

3599 East West Highway is a gas station located at the corner of East West Highway (MD-410) and Belcrest Road. In April 2018, the applicant presented their plans to reconfigure the site. Typically a reconfiguration without a change of use could be done by-right, however the property is a certified non=conforming use within the Prince George's Plaza Transit District. As a result, the applicant is required to submit a detailed site plan in order to make any changes to the site.

The applicant is proposing to add 4 additional gas bays to the site (for a total of 8). They are also proposing demolition of the existing convenience store structure and rebuilding it on the southern edge of the site. They plan to construct a two=story building, with the first floor housing a convenience market and the second floor home to the company's management offices. 

The City Council discussed the proposal in May and July 2018, and will take action in Winter 2018/2019. The Planning Board hearing is anticipated to take place in Winter 2019. 

The Speak Up website will be accepting comments on this plan until the  City Council takes their final vote on this  application. To provide your comments to the City Council, click here

Site Plan