Project Description

The Landy property is a 33 acre parcel of undeveloped land located north of Toledo Terrace and immediately south of Northwestern High School. It is located within the "Neighborhood  Edge" character area of the Prince George's Plaza Transit District Overlay Zone. 

In January 2018, the applicant submitted a preliminary plan of subdivision proposing 341 fee-simple townhouses of a variety of sizes on the property. Their preliminary plan also creates several small green spaces and one large "sledding hill" on the property. As part of their application, the applicant also plans to install a Capital Bikeshare station on site, fronting Belcrest Road.

The preliminary plan of subdivision for the property went to the City Council in February 2018. The Prince George's County Planning Board approved the application on March 1, 2018. The full application can be found here

The preliminary plan is the first step of the development process, and will be followed by a detailed site plan that provides the building architecture, landscaping and recreational amenities. The detailed site plan is expected to be submitted in Summer 2018.