Education Enrichment Grants

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About the Program

The City of Hyattsville’s Education Enrichment Grants Program is one of the ways the City is working to support our community’s public schools, students and families. Each fall, grants of up to $500 are available to fund activities that enhance or enrich the opportunities and education of students. Examples include, but are not limited to, guest speakers, field trips and materials for a special project. Applications that impact large groups of students, build ties within the community (for example, between schools and businesses), integrate the arts, and/or target low-income (Title 1), limited English proficiency (LEP), or special education needs are strongly encouraged to apply. Grants are not intended to fund items that are normally provided by Prince George’s County Public Schools, such as copier paper, staffing, etc. 


The grant program is open to public elementary, middle and high schools that have boundaries that include any or all of the City of Hyattsville. Those schools include Bladensburg High, Northwestern Evening High, Northwestern High, Hyattsville Middle, Nicholas Orem Middle, William Wirt Middle, Felegy Elementary, Hyattsville Elementary, Rogers Heights Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, and University Park Elementary. School principals, teachers, staff, students, community members and parent-teacher organizations are eligible to apply. Multiple applications can be submitted by and awarded to representatives of the same school, but for different projects.

How to Apply 

The deadline for 2018-19 applications has not yet been determined.
Applications will be reviewed by the City’s Education Advisory Committee and then submitted to the Mayor and Council for approval of awards. Funds will be disbursed in January and must be spent prior to the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
Last year's application forms are available here. If you have questions, would like to be notified when the next grant cycle opens, or would like to pick up a printed application, please contact Jake Rollow, Education Advisory Committee Liaison, at 301-985-5031 or

El Programa

El Programa de Becas de Enriquecimiento de Educacion de la Ciudad de Hyattsville es una manera en que la Ciudad esta trabajando a apoyar las escuelas publicas, alumnos y familias de nuestra comunidad. Cada otoño, becas de hasta $500 estan disponibles para actividades que mejoren o enriquezcan las oportunidades y educacion de estudiantes. Ejemplos incluyen, pero no son limitado a, invitando oradores, viajes escolares, y materiales para proyectos especiales. Solicitudes estan especialmente invitados que apoyan grupos grandes de estudiantes, crean conecciones entre la comunidad (por ejemplo, entre escuelas y negocios), integran las artes, y/o sirven familias de bajos recursos, necesidades especiales, o ingles limitado. La intencion de las becas no es pagar cosas normalmente proveido de Prince George’s County Public Schools, como papel de Xerox, empleados, etc. 


El programa de becas esta abierto a escuelas publicas que aceptan alumnos de parte o todo de la Ciudad de Hyattsville. Esas escuelas son Bladensburg High, Northwestern Evening High, Northwestern High, Hyattsville Middle, Nicholas Orem Middle, William Wirt Middle, Felegy Elementary, Hyattsville Elementary, Rogers Heights Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, y University Park Elementary. Directores, maestros, empleados, alumnos, miembros de la comunidad y organizaciones padres-maestros de las escuelas son elegible para solicitar. La misma escuela puede solicitar para y recibir mas de una beca, pero solo para proyectos distintos. 

Como Solicitar

El día de entrega para el año 2018-19 todavia no se han determinado.
El Comite Consejero de Educacion de la Ciudad revisara las solicitudes y recomendarlas a la Alcaldesa y Consejo Municipal para financiar. Se daran dinero en enero, y ganadores deben gastar todos los fondos antes del fin del año escolar de 2018-2019.
Solicitudes del año pasado estan disponible aqui. Si ud. tiene preguntas, le gustaria ser notificado cuando abre el proximo ciclo de becas, o le gustaria recoger una solicitud impreso, por favor contacte a Jake Rollow, Education Advisory Committee Liaison, en 301-985-5031 o

Applications Received for the 2017-2018 Grant Cycle
Solicitudes Recibidos para el Ciclo de Becas 2017-2018

EFES_Thinking Inside the Box
HES_Choral White Boards
HES_Coffee Chats
HES_Music Recorders
HES_ORFF Instruments
HMS_Black Boxes
HMS_Multicultural Club
NHS_Concert Band Literature
NHS_New Mouthpieces for NHS Band
NHS_Classroom Tuner Set
NHS_Marching Band Banner
NHS_Marching Band Plume Case
NHS_ESOL Wildcat Way Manipulatives
NHS_Food For Thought
NHS_Visual Art Educational Grant
NHS_Wildcat Way Posters
NHS_Writing for Change
RPES_Discover Club
RPES_Girls on the Run
RPES_Parent Meetings
UPES_Board Game Library
UPES_Mad About Math