Pepco Tree Maintenance

The Maryland Electricity Service Quality and Reliability Act was passed in May of 2011.  Under this law, Pepco is required to maintain clearance in and around power lines for a four (4) year period.  As a result, Pepco will continue to work with the City of Hyattsville on routine tree maintenance.

Pepco Tree Pruning

The City Arborist works closely with Pepco to ensure trees are properly pruned. When proper pruning is not possible, the City Arborist works with Pepco's arborist to provide the best possible solution for all parties.

Standard Procedures for Pepco Public Tree Removals

Pepco will replace one tree (1.5”-2” caliper) for each one they remove. Trees will be planted in the season following removal. A contractor will also grind down stumps in the season following removal. Please note that a quarter of replacements may be made as overstory (canopy) trees. 

Pepco Private Tree Removals

Pepco must submit a Tree Removal Application, signed by the resident, for all private removals. Applications will be approved or denied by the Shade Tree Board and reported back to Pepco for further action, if applicable. In accordance with the City's Tree Ordinance, residents are required to replace a tree for each approved application. Replacement trees are offered by Pepco. Residents will choose their replacement species upon submission of the application, and Pepco will typically plant replacements the following planting season.

Residents will be notified of private tree pruning and or assistance with removal of trees that threaten their lines, by way of a DOOR HANGER.  A response is required with seven (7) days.  If a resident would like to provide input regarding the pruning of their tree(s), they must respond within the seven (7) day time frame. If Pepco receives no response, it is assumed that the resident has no concerns or is not interested in taking advantage of tree removal assistance. Please note that the actual pruning may not take place until 3-6 months after the notification is given.

Residents may:

  • Request a replacement tree from Pepco
  • Refuse the removal or pruning of a tree on their property
  • Request a picture of the tree(s) with details on specific pruning and/or discuss acceptable trimming of the tree (this limb but not that limb)
  • Require pruning be scheduled only when the resident can be at home to supervise the pruning 
  • Request the City Arborist oversee the recommended pruning

Residents may not:

  • Stop or impede the removal or pruning of another resident’s tree or a public tree.

See the most recent list of Pepco tree removals here.

  1. Dawn Taft

    Environmental Programs Manager, City Arborist