Employee of the Year

Katie Gerbes, Our 2017 Employee of the Year

Every year, the City of Hyattsville recognizes one employee as the Employee of the Year, and bestows upon them the Seth Holton Award. Holton was the City's first Clerk, and the Award is given in his spirit of service and commitment to the Hyattsville community. As our City's Community Planner, Katie Gerbes was a natural choice for the most recent Seth Holton Award. 

Ms. Gerbes has been with the City of Hyattsville for just under three years, during which time she has been instrumental in shaping our community and implementing its strategic plan.  Ms. Gerbes is often seen engaging the community and its many stakeholders as part of the ongoing process of community development.

Ms. Gerbes received her Master's in Community Development from the University of Maryland in 2015, with a concentration in Urban Design. She is also certified by American Institute of Certified Planners. Her many accomplishments are the result of hard work, dedication, and integrating her extensive knowledge of community development with her daily responsibilities. Nowhere has this been more true than in her work on the City of Hyattsville's 2017–2021 Community Sustainability Plan, which you can learn more about here. The plan includes a city-wide transportation and road network study, a county zoning rewrite, and recommendations for celebrating National Parking Day.

We look forward to Ms. Gerbes continuing her work for a Hyattsville that is, in her own words, "a destination, a place you want to live, a place where you want to own your business."

Congratulations again, Ms. Gerbes, and thank you for your service to the City of Hyattsville!

KGerbes Headshot