Residential Parking

The City's Residential Parking Zone program was established by City Council in March 2005.  The program restricts parking in specific neighborhoods within the City of Hyattsville. As of April 2019, the City's Residential Parking Ordinance requires you to have a permit to park in a Residential Parking Zone for more than 30 minutes during the times posted on signage in the Zone.

Residential Parking Enforcement has been in place since March 2005. For more information about the City's current Residential Parking Program, click here. (Esta información está disponible en español aquí.)

Starting in March 2019, you will be able to access the Residential Parking Permit application online from this web page. You will also still be able to complete an application in person on the third floor of 4310 Gallatin Street between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that applications submitted online will be processed within two business days. Applications submitted in person will be processed within five business days. 

Each household in a Residential Parking Zone will also receive a booklet of 100, one-day guest passes, as well as one five-day guest pass. Additional passes are available upon request.

Residents interested in designating their block as part of a Residential Parking Zone are required to have a petition signed by 51 percent of residents in the requested zone. You can access the petition here
Residential Parking Zone Maps
Click here to visit a web map designed to help residents determine which residential parking zone their address falls within. To see a list of the streets covered by the Residential Parking Ordinance, click here

To view a PDF map of each residential parking zone, click on a tile below. 
  1. Chris Guinta

    Parking & Code Compliance Manager
    Phone: (301) 985-5017

  2. Parking Compliance Aide

    Phone: (301) 985-5027

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