University Hills Project

UH construction icon.jpgProject Background
In 2006, the City of Hyattsville annexed the University Hills neighborhood. The majority of the streets in the neighborhood do not have sidewalk. The City of Hyattsville considers pedestrian sidewalk to be essential public infrastructure and has adopted a sidewalk installation policy, as a part of the Pavement Management Program. As a part of the Pavement Management Program, the City is interested in installing sidewalk throughout the University Hills neighborhood.

The City is also committed to responsible environmental stewardship and has developed an Environmental Sustainability Policy which applies to all capital improvement projects within the City.

The City has initiated the University Hills Green Street Project with the intent of creating a pedestrian-friendly, accessible, and sustainable environment within the University Hills neighborhood.

Note: This text was excerpted from the Preliminary Feasibility Report.  The entire document can be downloaded below.

March and April 2013 Council Discussion
City Council discussed the various issues and potential project directions during their City Council Meeting of March 4, 2013.

Council Member Tim Hunt (Ward 3) made a proposal during the meeting.  Download the proposal here.        Photo credit: Diamond Rubber Products via Flickr

In April 2013, a memo was distributed regarding the use of pervious concrete.  Download the memo here.

February 2013 Community Meeting
Results of the December 2012 survey were shared at a Community Meeting on Thursday, February 7. 

The presentation also includes data on petitions received as of February 2013.

Download the presentation here.

Surveys were submitted anonymously.  All of the comments are collected here.

December 2012 Mailing
All property owners should have received a project packet via registered mail in mid-December 2012.  The information included the maps as shown in the 30% design, plus:

Project Update September 2012: Conceptual Design Plans
The City scheduled meetings in September 2012 with University Hills residents to review the conceptual design plan.  Documents from those meetings can be downloaded here:

Project Update June 2012: 30% Drawings Released
The 30% drawings have been released.  Please see the following links to review the plans:

University Hills Project: Preliminary Feasibility Report
CPJ Associates has developed preliminary recommendations for the University Hills area, including:

  • Adding sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, consistent with the City-wide sidewalk installation plan;
  • Including sustainable stormwater management practices, consistent with the City's Sustainability Policy;
  • Preserving mature trees whenever practical;
  • Re-surfacing and/or reconstruction of existing streets;
  • Calming traffic on residential streets.
Residents can read the complete report here.

In addition, maps are available of the preliminary recommendations:

In addition, CPJ Associates proposed three possible options for Wells Boulevard: