Mosquito Control Program

The Maryland Department of Agriculture, through the Mosquito Control Program, performs all mosquito control activities in the state. The City participates in the Mosquito Control Program, which begins in late May/early June and continues through September. State Mosquito Control staff conduct adult mosquito surveillance and, if certain state-mandated thresholds are met, conduct spraying operations. Spraying takes place late Monday evenings.

The City reports mosquito issues to the State on a weekly basis. To report a problem area in your neighborhood, please call 301-985-5000 or click here to submit a report via email. Please include the following in your report:
  • Address of concern
  • Time of day when mosquitoes are worst
  • Any area of stagnant water in the vicinity
Note - spraying is not effective against the Asian Tiger Mosquito (black with white legs and white stripe), which are prevalent in the City of Hyattsville. Community cleanups do control the pest when residents empty and/or rinse any containers where water can collect on a weekly basis, including tires, wading pools, wheelbarrows, canoes, tarps, flower pots, saucers, birdbaths, and gutters. 

You may request an exemption from adult mosquito control services by completing this application.