Any qualified and registered voter in the City of Hyattsville may vote by Vote-by-Mail Ballot. 

Applications must be submitted NO LATER than 10:00 AM on Monday, May 6, 2019. 

The Board of Supervisors of Elections will begin mailing Vote-by-Mail Ballots to qualified voters who have completed a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application on April 8, 2019. Upon verification of a voter's eligibility, a Vote-by-Mail Ballot will be issued, either by mail or in person. 

The completed Vote-by-Mail Ballot must be received by the Board of Supervisors of Elections prior to the closing of polls at 8:00 PM on Election Day, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

Please complete a Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application.  You may pick up the application at the City Municipal Building or download it here:
Vote-by-Mail Ballot Instructions can be downloaded:

Voters may choose to vote by Vote-by-Mail Ballot permanently in City of Hyattsville Elections
. To automatically receive a Vote-by-Mail Ballot for all City Elections, request Permanent Vote-by-Mail Status on the application. A permanent Vote-by-Mail voter may revoke their permanent status at any time. 
Questions? Contact the City Clerk's Office at (301) 985-5001 or email