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Markus Tarjamo

GIS Technician I

Help improve the City's bike network by participating in a Bike Parking Scavenger Hunt between May 19 - June 16!

Starting May 19 at Bike to Work Day, the City is running a month-long scavenger hunt for community members to independently identify bicycle parking rack locations within the City limits using an online form. The person who accurately identifies the most bicycle parking locations in the City of Hyattsville through the online survey will win a $50 gift card to Arrow Bicycle!

The scavenger hunt winner will be announced on July 17th, 2023.

How to Start Your Quest!

  • Find a location within the City where there is bike parking. These can be the City's yellow racks (examples here) or other bicycle parking racks available for public use.
  • Access the online survey
  • Fill out the survey with the bicycle parking location and all required fields. NOTE: You should complete a new survey each time you find a new bike parking rack location. No survey registration or login is needed.
  • Submit the survey and...
  • Find a new location!

Helpful Links

Not sure what to do? Watch our short instructional video below to get started!