Help shape the future of Hyattsville

The City of Hyattsville undergoes redistricting of its five Wards every 10 years following the taking of the U.S. Census. This effort ensures an equitable population distribution amongst the Wards for equal representation on the City Council. No Ward can hold more than +/- 10% of the City's total population divided by five.

Following the 2020 Census, it was determined that Wards 3 and 5 were no longer compliant with the +/- 10% population distribution. City Council selected a nine member Redistricting Commission to evaluate current Census data and make recommendations for new Ward boundaries.

Why does my Ward matter?

Your City Ward determines who represents you in our local government!

Your City Councilmembers are responsible for developing the policies, programs, and projects that serve you and your neighbors. This includes things like street and sidewalk improvements, local environmental initiatives, City events and celebrations, social services for individuals and families, and more.

Redistricting of Hyattsville's Ward boundaries does NOT affect your County, State, or Federal government representation. It also does not affect School Board representation or school attendance areas.

Not sure what Ward you live in now? Add your address here to find out!Add your address here to find out!

We want your feedback!

The City's Redistricting Commission is looking for feedback on proposed updates to the City's Ward boundaries! Click the link below to learn more and share your thoughts. You can also email suggestions to