Residential Parking

Residential Parking Permits are required for on-street parking in the zoned parking areas of Hyattsville. Zone maps can be viewed here. If you reside in a parking zone, on-street parking is only allowed with a valid parking permit during the specific times noted on the street signs.

Permit parking compliance is performed by the Hyattsville Parking Compliance staff using License Plate Recognition (LPR) equipment and software. Vehicle license plates are “read’ and deemed authorized or unauthorized as a valid permit holder. It is up to the permit holder to keep their license plate information updated in their account

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the City is not accepting in-person or mailed residential parking applications until further notice.

New Residential Parking Permit Applications

Applications for new parking permits are open for all Residential Parking Zones as space allows. Residents can fill out and submit a new application online using the instructions below.

Complete your Parking Permit Application Online: Residents can set up a one-time account on a secure portal to complete the parking permit request form electronically. Access the online portal and Residential Parking Permit Application here.

All applications submitted online will be reviewed and processed for approval or denial. A notice will be returned via email so please ensure your email address is correct. (Haven’t seen a response? Please also check your Spam folder before calling to follow up.) A denial of a parking permit request will state the reason behind the decision.

Renewal of Existing Residential Parking Permits

Residents renewing their existing Parking Permit, please click HERE to log into your online parking account and complete or update the requested information. Then click “I agree to the Parking Guidelines." followed by "Checkout" to complete your renewal.

Please NOTE: If your existing Parking Permit has expired, you will have to complete all of the requested application information as well as provide the necessary supporting documentation as if you were a new parker.

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Remember to update any old/outdated information in your account and ensure your email address is correct.

Additional or Special Permits Parking Application

The application for additional Residential Parking Permits or special permits can be found here. Please note that Special permits and additional permits are not guaranteed, and are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Should you be in need of a Temporary Street Access/Right of Way Usage Permit for contractors or other temporary immoveable street obstructions, please click here.

Guest Parking Passes

Each Residence within a zoned parking permit area may request up to 50 Guest Parking Passes a year through the office of Parking Compliance. Both parking permit holders and non-permit holders may request passes with documentation of their residence. Only one (1), fifty pass booklet is allowed per residence regardless of the number of parking permits registered at that residence.

Guest passes are ONE-DAY passes that must be filled out completely with the license plate of the guest vehicle and the specific one day (24 hours) of use clearly documented on the pass. If a guest is staying for multiple days, they must change the guest pass daily with the current date visible.

Requests and Concerns

To express a concern, please use this form. Your comments will be shared with parking staff and the City Administrator. Please note that additional permits are now being considered, and once initial rollout of the program is complete, staff will consider resident requests and concerns and make modifications as appropriate. 

Becoming a Residential Parking Zone

Residents interested in designating their block as part of a Residential Parking Zone are required to have a petition signed by 51 percent of residents in the requested zone. You can access the petition here

Residential Parking Zone Maps

Click here to visit a web map designed to help residents determine which residential parking zone their address falls within. 

To view a PDF map of each residential parking zone, click on a tile below.

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