Free trees and tree education

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Due to an overwhelming response, the City's free tree program is now closed. Please stay tuned for updates on the upcoming tree education and stormwater workshops planned for early 2021. For questions, please call (240) 487-0290.


In addition to the tree plantings, the City of Hyattsville will sponsor 10 city residents to the Anacostia Watershed Stewards Academy in the Spring of 2021  as well as offer a series of tree education and stormwater management workshops open to all residents. Workshops will provide education on the importance of stormwater management and how trees play a significant role in  efforts to improve stormwater runoff.

Workshops will be offered in partnership with the Prince George's County Department of the Environment with assistance from the Anacostia Watershed Society, and Defensores de la Cuenca.

Workshop registration will be listed on the City Calendar as it becomes available:

  1. Tree Education and Care: Trees impact on stormwater; how to select the right tree for the right place; how to mulch, prune, and water. Offered in English & Spanish
  2. Green Housekeeping: How regular household chemicals impact stormwater and how to make or choose safe alternatives. Includes hands on demonstrations of making safe cleaning supplies and samples to takeaway. Offered in English & Spanish
  3. Stormwater Impact and Watershed Wildlife: Presented by the Anacostia Watershed Society. Offered in English & Spanish
  4. Humane Gardening/Natural Gardening: Why chemical herbicides harm the good guys and how to "let nature guide your garden".  A discussion by Nancy Lawson, author of “The Humane Gardner”. 
  5. Beyond Pesticides:  How "greening" your lawn can contribute to stormwater pollution.
  6. City Tree Tour:  Join us as we view and identify a diverse population of City trees. Learn about some of their unique characteristics and environmental contributions to the city and society as a whole. Offered in English & Spanish