Eagle Scout Projects

Eagle Scout Guidelines
The Office of Volunteer Services receives many requests for Eagle Scout and other leadership projects throughout the year.  We have developed a set of guidelines that should be especially useful in helping the Eagle Candidate be successful on his Trail to Eagle Scout.  Much of this information can also be applied to other leadership projects and awards such the GSA Gold Award.

  • The Scout must:  identify a potential project or un-met need in our community.  We ask that you take a look around our parks, on our public streets, look at the services that are provided to residents or possibly the method(s) in which information is communicated.
  • The Scout must: propose a solution.  Is is the responsibility of the scout to ensure that his outline of his proposal follow the guidelines in the Trail to Eagle provided by the Boy Scouts of America.  The successful Scout will be specific and provide timeliness for completion, material lists, and/or diagrams.
  • The Scout must: contact the Office of Volunteer Services to schedule a meeting.  When proposing your project to the Volunteer Coordinator we like you to think of your past Board of Reviews and come prepared to discuss the project at length.  It is likely that additional City Staff or Department Heads will be included in this step.  The Scout should wear his Class A Uniform, bring his handbook and be prepared to also discuss his scouting experience.

Written Proposal
With a preliminary approval of the project it is the responsibility of the Scout to develop a written project proposal; again the Scout must provide all necessary details, material lists, methods and a time line for the completion of the project.  Once the proposal is finalized and approved by the BSA District Board of Review the Scout must then contact the Office of Volunteer Services to register his project.

Project Completion
The project is complete when City Staff has inspected and approved the work.  Upon successful completion, a City Staff member will provide the Scout a letter of recommendation for the Eagle Board of Review. 

This set of guidelines have been adopted because the City of Hyattsville makes a substantial investment of resources for each Eagle Candidate.  Our experience has proven that our Eagle Candidates demonstrate their ability to organize and lead a substantial project for the betterment of our community.

We look forward to working with you! Good Luck!