Community Conversations

The City hosts occasional dialogues to build community among residents and take advantage of their tremendous diversity and wealth of knowledge and interests. Please see below for information about our next Community Conversation.

Biases, Boundaries and Bridges
Enhancing Cultural Self-Awareness to Move Beyond Stereotyping

Sunday, September 18, 3-5 p.m.
4310 Gallatin Street

Living in our multicultural and multilingual community and city, most of us encounter cultural diversity in our personal and professional lives on a daily basis. Yet, how many of us truly reflect on the boundaries we create as a result of these cultural differences? These boundaries may be physical, attitudinal, behavioral, spatial, and metaphorical. Our conscious and unconscious biases may also contribute to the boundaries we create in our life and our work. This interactive workshop will allow you to delve deeply to examine your own biases and boundaries and how they impact your interactions across cultures. Be prepared to stretch yourself and have fun as you increase your cultural lens and engage in thought-provoking dialogue and activities to develop strategies to enhance trust and empathy with your culturally, ethnically, racially and religious diverse neighbors and beyond.

Julia Gaspar-Bates, a Hyattsville resident, is President of Intercultural Alliances, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm ( Julia has trained thousands of executives, educators and students, military personnel and governmental and non-governmental employees on four continents in multiple languages to enhance cultural competency. Her mission is to bring together people across cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic and religious borders to engage in dialogue to increase cultural understanding and appreciation of each other.