Claus Applause Holiday Decorating Contest

2017 Winners

Thanks to the many residents who took part in 2017's holiday decorating contest, the Claus Applause Awards! Winners are invited to an award presentation at the January 9, 2018 City Council Meeting, 8 p.m. at 4310 Gallatin.
All residents are invited to the meeting, as well, to view a slideshow of the winning houses.

And, of course, everyone should check out these beautiful homes before the holidays are over!

The winning addresses are:

Mayor's Choice Award

5705 31st Place

Green Award (For Reduced Environmental Impact)

4011 Crittenden Street

Ward One

First Place:  6217 Carrollton Terrace
Second Place:  4011 Crittenden Street
Third Place:  4201 Queensbury Road

Ward Two

First Place:  5703 40th Avenue
Second Place:  5500 40th Avenue
Third Place:  3918 Nicholson Street

Ward Three

First Place:  4111 Oliver Street
Second Place:  4116 Oliver Street
Third Place:  7101 Pony Trail Lane

Ward Four

First Place:  3303 Nicholson Street
Second Place:  3515 Madison Street
Third Place:  5808 32nd Avenue

Ward Five

First Place:  5021 37th Place 
Second Place:  5009 37th Place 
Third Place:  3708 Gallatin Street  

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!