Primary Streets for Snow Removal

Treatment of Streets
Primary streets will receive first priority for plowing and/or de-icing treatment. DPW crews will concentrate on keeping these streets passable to provide access for emergency vehicles. Primary streets are not plowed in the order listed below. After snow stops falling or ice ceases to form and the primary streets are cleared and treated, DPW crews then concentrate on clearing and treating all remaining City streets.

Primary Streets
Street Name
Hundred Block
31st Avenue 5600-5900
35th Avenue 5900-6000
36th Avenue 5900-6000
37th Avenue 5900-6000
38th Avenue / Street 4900-5500
39th Avenue 5400-5700
40th Place 4900-5000
40th Avenue 5300-6000
41st Avenue 6000-6200
43rd Avenue 4900-6200
Queensbury Road 3900-4300
Oglethorpe Street 3800-4300
Nicholson Street 2600-4300
Longfellow Street 3500-4200
Madison Street 3100-4300
Calverton Drive 6800-6900
Crittenden Street 4000-4200
Farragut Street 4200-4300
Gallatin Street 4000-4300
Hamilton Street 2800-4100
Jamestown Road 5900-6000
Jefferson Street 3800-4300
Lancer Drive 2800-3500
Editor’s Park Drive 6200
42nd Avenue 5000-6200