Hyattsville Police Department
The history of Hyattsville dates back to 1807. At this time, Christopher Clark Hyatt received 273 acres of land in an area of Prince George’s County, which later became Hyattsville. In 1859, Hyatt was named Postmaster and the name Hyattsville appeared for the first time. At the same time, many prominent businessmen from Washington were purchasing lots in Hyattsville for summer cottages and winter homes.

On April 7, 1886, the City of Hyattsville was incorporated by an act of the State Legislature. The City grew steadily over the years as the new City Government worked for improvements. Today the City of Hyattsville is a very diverse community with a growing population and a service area of three square miles.

The first form of law enforcement for the City of Hyattsville was April 7, 1886 at the City's time of incorporation. A chief bailiff was appointed for the purposes of collecting taxes, making arrests, and serving process for violations of any ordinance of the corporation. The Department has evolved from a single bailiff into a modern day law enforcement agency that utilizes many of the technological advancements afforded to the war on crime. Over the years, the Police Department has developed a rich tradition of community involvement.

A Multi-Jurisdictional, Mutual Aid Agreement
On February 20, 2002, our agency joined the Police Departments from the Town of Bladensburg, the City of Greenbelt, the City of Mount Rainier, and the Town of Riverdale Park for the signing of a multijurisdictional, mutual aid agreement. The agreement to combine police resources was a first for municipal police departments in Prince George’s County.

New Technologies
The Department is in the process of updating its computerized dispatch and records management systems. A computerized crime mapping program and emergency alert system are available to all residents. In the near future, the City will be installing closed circuit TV monitoring cameras and emergency call box systems in commercial and retail areas as part of Hyattsville's Safe City program.